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Filecoin for large datasets

Decentralized storage at scale

Filecoin is an open Web3 alternative to cloud storage, with better interoperability and larger capacity at a lower cost.

Storage providers, participate in a grant to help large data clients onboard their datasets

Help a client onboard PiB-scale data to the network and you may be eligible for a bounty.

Filecoin is a decentralized-storage network offering affordable pricing for verifiable, durable, and available storage

Filecoin has a vast ecosystem of developers, storage providers, companies, and clients


Developers & Contributors building applications backed by Filecoin

16 EiB+

Total storage capacity on the Filecoin network


Globally distributed storage providers across geographies


Applications, projects, and funded startups

Many organizations and projects successfully store with Filecoin

Starling Labs and the Shoah Foundation is building an immutable archive of genocide survivor testimonials on Filecoin (total dataset 6000 TiB).

This is easily the most intuitive and also the most powerful use case for decentralized technology... Filecoin provides a continuous record to show that files are secure and have not been tampered with.... anyone can view the archive and check its provenance using immutable information, including a timestamp, image storage data, and verified edit history.”

The Internet Archive is leveraging IPFS/Filecoin to begin storing a decentralized copy of their archive - starting with their End of Term crawl (total dataset 1000TiB).

The idea is to make a robust and private Internet that has a history that will persist over decades and maybe centuries... Filecoin has made a huge step forward by deploying decentralized storage at the exabyte level. That’s very different from AWS (Amazon Web Services). It has many participants, not just one player. And its protocols are open-source ... Decentralized Web is ... starting to come to fruition and Filecoin is a leader in that area.”

Slingshot is a community competition with the mission to preserve real, valuable, and usable public datasets on the Filecoin network (30PiB+ open datasets stored through Slingshot).

Slingshot created a content delivery network for scientific data — with searchable indices, robust documentation and geographic distribution of data.”


Decentralized storage costs a fraction of what traditional public clouds charge.

Filecoin Plus


Per TiB/Year



Per TiB / year

Public cloud


Per TiB / year

* Average pricing shown from the last 30 days, rates will vary (Source)

**Cloud pricing compared to S3 Glacier Deep Archive

Industry experts recognize Filecoin as the leader in the decentralized storage

Enrico Signoretti from GigaOm: “Unlike other solutions in this space, most of the storage providers in the Filecoin network have committed to offering datacenter resources and have made an important initial investment in both hardware and collatoral to ensure the quality of service, data availability and long-term reliability.”

The GigaOm Sonar for Decentralized Storage Report

An Emerging Technology Insight write up assessment.

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Multiple tools help you onboard data to Filecoin


Estuary is open-source software allowing simple sending of public data to the Filecoin network to be retrieved from anywhere


Textile’s Filecoin Auctions are an open deal marketplace where storage providers bid on storage requests in real-time.

Filecoin solves many problems associated with traditional storage

Traditional Storage vs. Filecoin




Vendor lock-in concentrates risk with one provider



A handful of companies have become the dominant platforms, offering a constrained set of locations and regions



Organizations are locked into specific architectures with high egress and data migration costs




No single point of failure, no proprietary protocol, no vendor lock-in



Data redundancy and availability through multi-vendor replication



Incentive structures enabling cheap prices

Find a provider

There are thousands of storage providers forming a transparent, global marketplace.

Clients can choose providers that fit their specific needs.

Referral Program

Protocol Labs is supporting a temporary referral fee program for community members who bring large datasets onto the Filecoin network. Invite a customer today.

Filecoin is an open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol, and incentive layer.